Swimming Pools
Building and maintaining swimming pools all shapes and sizes.

Here you can find different characteristics of different pools, check free content and advices for pool build.

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Build your own pool
All for your own pool build in one place. Build your own pool and check the price of the pool and all of the accessories in configurator.

Download tips for build, find answers to your questions, watch the video which demonstrates the build of a pool and much more.
Build your own sauna
You can find here all you need for building your own sauna.

How sauna effect your wellbeing and why we recommend to have it in your house? Answers are just one click away.
Public pools and spas
Trust tradition, when it comes to maintaining and equipment for public pools and spas.
We represent company Chemoform, which is specialized in maintaining public pools and spas.

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Everything you need for pool and sauna build and maintenance in one place. We offer you material for self-build, cleaning products, accessories and much more.

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